Have you visited an Edinburgh nightclub before? If not, then do not feel bad, because you definitely need to visit at least one of them in your lifetime. And once you do, then you will know exactly what it’s like to be at a nightclub. In fact, you will probably want to go back again – and again!

Nightclubs have to have a number of different things going for them in order to be successful. For example, one of the main features that many people look for in nightclubs is great music. Its important that the music in the nightclub matches the club interior vibes as well as the way people are dressed on the dancefloor. A good mix of techno and mainstream music is normally pretty popular with the student population.

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They boast almost 500 licensed venues, which means there is a Nightclub in Edinburgh for everyone . Each club is designed for a particular type of crowd. So, if you fancy kicking back and enjoying a drink with your friends, then you should head to one of the bars. If you fancy dancing the night away, then head to one of the nightclubs. These nightclubs aren’t just restricted to certain age groups either, age ranges can vary a lot depending on what club you go to and the genre of music that is playing in that particular club.

It is perhaps fair to say that the best nightclubs in Edinburgh are located in the heart of the city. The most popular area moving, followed by Dalhousie and Leith. Each of these has a cocktail bar, and they are generally open until the early hours of the morning. During the daytime, however, the crowds start to thin out, and you will find that the quality of the cocktails is better than at any other time. This is because of the relaxed atmosphere, which helps to create a more fun environment.

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For those looking for nightclubs in Edinburgh that offer a little less glamour and a bit more class, there are a few places that do provide what you are looking for. To ensure that you find the right nightclub in Edinburgh be sure to do some research online as well as speaking to friends and people you know about the best clubs to visit. Often the best clubs to visit will be already fairly well known within the local nightlife communities so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge seeking these out.

Finally, we will touch on the last type of nightclub that is open late, and that is the hip-hop nightclub. These nights feature great drinks, fabulous music and friendly crowds. Many of these clubs have open all hours, and you can drink all day without feeling overstuffed. These nights are usually priced at quite high, and feature many top DJ’s.


Overall in conclusion it is clear that if you want to find a high quality Edinburgh nightclub you should take time to research your options. Doing this gives you far better opportunities to have good nights out in future.