Learning the piano is a process which can be accomplished either by yourself or by hiring a professional piano teacher to teach you. But for the best results, learning the piano in the right way, not by half-heartedly trying to learn something you’re not sure about, or worse, not learning anything at all requires not just the proper methods and materials, but also the proper time frame to complete the task. As soon as you’ve given yourself the proper time to study, and you’ve got your method down, make sure that you’re prepared to give it a test run. Here are three quick tips to make learning the piano easier:

Learn to master basic chords, and learn how to play a progression. This is the basis of playing the piano it’s all about building on the foundation of these basic chords and then covering more advanced territory. If you’ve never played a song before, learning to play a progression (which consists of playing a single chord repeatedly over in order to progress) is an ideal way to start. Practicing scales and modes, is also highly recommended to improve both your memory and dexterity when it comes to playing new songs. This applies to both the beginner and the advanced player.

Finally, after reading through this article you should have a better idea of how to study the piano and be ready to start taking the first steps. Learning the piano doesn’t have to be hard work. With the proper process and the right resources around, anyone can become an expert pianist. Don’t be afraid of the piano start learning today!