The folding trolley cart is a very useful and adaptable asset which has undoubtedly had a positive effect on the music industry as a whole. But it is important to understand why it has had this affect and what it makes it successful.

What Is The Folding Trolley cart?

The folding trolley cart is a lightweight and mobile load moving platform that can be used in different environments to move heavy goods. Typically folding trolley carts are smaller in size than larger load movers such as a pallet jack and also weigh less. This means that they can be used in even more confined environments and can be transported quickly and easily between locations.

Folding Trolley Cart

What Are The Benefits To Using A Folding Trolley Cart?

There are a wide range of benefits to using the folding trolley cart such as:

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Cheaper than other larger pieces of equipment
  • Can move heavy goods quickly and efficiently in confined spaces
  • Require little to no training to operate
  • Thanks to its design the folding trolley can be moved around a concert venue quickly and effectively and suits this sort of environment
  • Cheap and affordable overall

What Effect Has The Folding Trolley Had On The Music Industry Overall?

Overall there have been a number of positives that have come as a result of the folding trolley being used in the music industry overall. One of the main positive effects it has had is allowing for rapid movement of equipment across different shows.

Ground crews from a number of different production companies have reported back on how effective the pallet trolley cart was overall and how easy to use it was.

In terms of affordability it should also be noted that adopting the pallet trolley as a new piece of kit has also saved event companies significant costs as alternatives such as pallet jack or electric pallet stacker can cost considerably more due to their increased weight capacity and size overall.

Folding Trolley Cart

What Challenges Do Event Companies Face?

As well as sourcing the right equipment there are a variety of other challenges that event companies may face. One of the greatest challenges that event companies face is counterfeit tickets. Counterfeit tickets can prove to be a big issue as they can often be very realistic and may lead to unauthorised people accessing restricted parts of a venue.

Folding Trolley Cart

As well as damaging profits from ticket sales this can also prove to be huge security issue as it could potentially endanger people if people are entering the venue that don’t have permission to be there. One of the ways through which event and security companies can tackle this is by ensuring that gates and entry points are well policed to prevent people from sneaking inside the venue.

Another issue event companies may face is lack of ticket sales. Lack of ticket sales often comes down to a poor marketing campaign or bad choice of a location for a venue. In order to counteract this problem it may be beneficial for an events company to source a marketing agency to assist them.