As many of you will know the music and film industries have close links in many different areas and often technology from both industries are used to produce soundtracks for films , film music videos etc. In this article we are going to establish whether you should consider using a convert slides to digital service.

Photographic slides are a form of photograph that is held in slide format. Slides are typically displayed via projectors or film cameras. Slides are typically used for presentations but can also be used as a form of storage for photographs.

What Are The Benefits Of Converting To Digital?

There are a wide range of different benefits that can come as a result of converting to digital overall. One of the main benefits that can come as a result of converting to digital format is overall flexibility. Media that is stored in a digital format can be used on a far wider range of platforms overall and used for far longer. This is because digital copies of media are virtual and aren’t susceptible to wear and tear like photographic slides are.

Another key reason why converting to digital is well worth considering is the ease of access offered by digital platforms. Through digital platforms photographs and other media can be accessed in minutes whereas the process can take considerably longer with a projector.

  • Digital format is far more widely available
  • Converting to digital format is cheap/affordable overall
  • The conversion process only takes a matter of days and you keep can keep the original copy of your media

What Has Led To The Decline In Photographic Slides?

There have been a number of factors that have contributed to the decline of photographic slides overall. One of the main reasons for them slowly dropping out of circulation has been the rapid change and growth of digital technology. Due to advances in various different platforms the popularity of photographic slides has significantly decreased overall.

The lack of popularity has led to lack of parts and support for photographic slides overall which is a another factor to take into account when considering whether to use a convert slides to digital service.

Convert slides to digital service

How Has The Music Industry Been Affected By The Rapid Development Of Digital Technology

The development of new technology has had a significant overall impact on digital technology as a whole. One of the most significant developments that has come about as a result of this has been the widespread spread of music on phones. Music being played through phones is now the norm for hundreds of millions across the planet. However 20 years ago the mobile phone was still being developed and did not have the capability to play music although over this period music is being played more than ever through this format.

In terms of photography and its relationship with music and musical artists images are now being taken via high resolution digital cameras and uploaded directly to social media platforms within seconds of the photos being taken. This is far more effective than the photographic slides process overall.