GW with Terry Ilous @ Sunset Station May 30, 2011

Video courtesy Doug & Renee Allen. Thanks!


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Dear Mark....
Such a huge fan. I go back to about 1986 with you guys. Your playing has had a tremendous influence on my own, and I've been playing every single weekend in the Cincinnati/Indianapolis/Louisville/Dayton area since '88 or so. Thank You, thank you, thank you.
Kendallfan , March 16, 2012
I am a die hard fan since the 80s and truly love great white. I was at the Normal Illinois concert at the redbird arena in 89 when u toured with white snake.. G.W. blew white snake off the stage.. Im sure u guys remember the fan who jumped off the speaker onto the stage!!.. crazy, anyway I was at the recent summer 2011 concert in Quincy Illinois, I was really missing Jack.. His voice is always associated with the music.. No offense Terry, However when everyone was allowed to the stage it made everything alright... Thanks my friends you guys rocked..
Ulose2 , January 03, 2012
To Mark Kendall
Mark, this is John, the guy who fixed your windshield problem in Yucaipa. I didn't have a contact number for you, but I wanted to say thanks for dropping off the autographed shirt. That was way cool of you. I can't wait until you guys play another show locally. I will be there! Don't forget to send your wife to Cloud 9. We are gonna totally take care of her. Thanks again.
JohnnyD , December 28, 2011
I Know your dad.
I Know a your dad G.W.. My mom used to play with your dad when i was a kid they were in a bluegrass/folk group together he lived in a small freezing cold cozy shack in Puyallup Wa, off canyon RD.I remember waking up in his shack when my mom lived with him.The chickens roostin early in the morning behind that old blue house.He was a an alright dude.He could jam thats for sure.Sorry to here he passed. Send me back a message bro.Im a huge fan.Love rock me,later..
alex81shammrock , December 10, 2011
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Rock on!
Just took my two boys to their first rock concert ... Great White at the Hard Rock Biloxi! They loved it, two more loyal fans! You guys still look and sound great! Was a little disappointed to hear that Jack wasn't coming, but Terry sounded incredible! Rock on guys, and please come back soon!
rhuff , August 29, 2011
Band still sounds awesome but how I miss Jack at the microphone....that's MY Great White. Sorry, Terry, no disrespect. It's just not the same for me....
GWRockRanger , August 27, 2011
This ROCKED last night @ Moondance Jam!!
agatejunkee , July 15, 2011
See you in Santa Cruz tonight for a Rockin' Good time!smilies/cool.gif
Rokslyd™ , July 08, 2011

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